City of Kingston


Edithvale Life Saving Club.
Esplanade Ln, Edithvale VIC


The Edithvale Life Saving Club is a new two-storey facility that replaces an existing 100-year-old building that had succumbed to the harsh environmental conditions and was no longer fit-for-purpose for the growing club. The new building provides lifesaving facilities, an observation room, a new community space and kiosk, training rooms, storage, and public change rooms and amenities. 

Construction Cost & Project Completion

$3.5M, opened 2021

Design Statement

The new building takes on an organic shape both in plan and elevation. These simple forms are design to enable clear circulation to the perimeter of the building and improved sight lines and passive surveillance in line with CPTED principles.

Additionally, the exposed insitu concrete columns and beams are angled to reflect the original club building, which had a similar structural system. The same stepped geometry of the original building was utilised and adapted to suit the modernised form.

The building is located on a tight site, constrained by adjoining properties, sand dunes, the road way and the beach. Because of the complex site topography, the building is partially buried in the sand dune, creating a concourse under the building, opening up the views to the beach that were previously obstructed.

The new beachfront pavilion remains within the original building footprint into the dune space, protecting the ecological habitats. Instead, a rooftop garden was used to extend the sand dune onto the building itself to increase biodiversity. The building reflects the forms and shapes of seafaring vessels crossing the bay, reflecting the fluidity of yachts, linearity of cruise liners and the sturdiness of tug boats.

With severe coastal conditions the materials were selected for durability and longevity to weather naturally to integrate into the sensitive site. The precinct includes an unparalleled stormwater harvesting and filtration system before finding its way to the bay.

With a BESS Excellence score of 72% it remains one of the most sustainable buildings in the City of Kingston. Achieving this rating required a coordinated and consolidated response with the entire consultant team.