Our People

Bickerton Masters has a core group of dependable, loyal, experienced staff who are in-tune with our organisational values. As we grow, we continue to welcome new staff whose experience and values strengthen our own.

Our desire for continued growth and innovation means that we also value the contribution of architectural graduates and students across our organisation.


Managing Director

Since founding BMA in 1997 with Peter Bickerton, Andrew has been instrumental in the success of hundreds of projects contributing particular expertise to the master planning, strategic planning, design and documentation of health, aged care and other community projects. His logical, efficient and forward-thinking designs are renowned in the health and aged care communities.

Andrew’s vast experience in community projects, predominantly in the health, aged care, heritage and community sectors, enables him to actively guide and encourage BMA’s staff in all facets of our projects.

His passion for good architecture is contagious, and his role as Managing Director enables him to maintain close involvement in projects as well as strong relationships with our clients and colleagues.

Andrew regularly attends and presents at industry forums to keep abreast of contemporary needs and philosophies in the architectural, health and aged care industries.


General Manager

With over 18 years experience managing Bickerton Masters resource and financial positions, Kerri works closely alongside practice leadership to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. As the General Manager, Kerri is responsible for the administration of the practice's Information Management System, which ensures consistent, high quality service delivery and work practices. As part of the IMS, Kerri also ensures that we comply with environmental management and safety in design legislation.

As a CPA, Kerri’s expertise in financial management enables her to contribute strategically to project and business management to keep the practice in the best position to provide good outcomes for our projects.


Design Director

Bruce has delivered many successful projects over his 30 year career, including some of the practice's largest and most complex undertakings.

His varied experience with a wide range of client groups in the health and aged care, retirement and education sectors have honed his design and delivery skills to provide consistently successful outcomes.

Bruce regularly and actively contributes to design forums both within the practice and in the wider design community. As an advocate for continued learning and skill development, Bruce has been instrumental in developing the design ethos and the processes that support clear design solutions.



Lois has been an integral member within our practice since it began. As a Principal, her unique skill and tenacity in brief development and contract administration has ensured the delivery of outstanding education and community projects.

With expertise in designing for early learning and innovative pedagogies, Lois excels at consultant management to ensure a shared project vision. Her specialist knowledge of BGA and government funding applications and procedures has enabled many of our school clients to realise projects that far exceed stakeholder expectations on limited budgets.


Principal | Education Sector Lead | Brisbane Studio Lead

Matt is a strong project leader who contributes significant specialist education and construction knowledge to the design and contract administration process. He continually demonstrates skill in project team coordination, making sure his projects exceed their brief and are completed on time and within budget.

Matt has experience in many portfolios of work from Universities, Primary, and Secondary Schools in Australia and internationally. Because of his diverse knowledge, Matt is particularly well equipped to encourage, mentor and direct his colleagues while managing and collaborating with contractors to deliver the highest quality project outcomes.


Principal | Aged Care & Seniors Living Sector Advisor

Leo is a Senior Principal who has led teams on residential, seniors housing, aged care, public works, education and urban design projects. The founding director of Campbell Luscombe Architects (which joined the BM_ Group in 2019), he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, a founding member of the Australian Architecture Association and is highly respected within the architectural profession, especially in the seniors living and aged care sector.

Over his four decades within the architectural profession, he has given national conference papers, contributed and featured in a number of journals, magazines and books, and has received a wealth of accolades and awards, bringing all of this into his role within our sector expertise for aged care and retirement living. In 2011, he was awarded 'The Most Outstanding Architect In Over 50's Housing In The World`` at the Global Over 50's Housing Awards.


Principal | Design Director | Local Government & Community Sector Lead | Brisbane Studio Lead

In no uncertain terms, Simon has a penchant for beautiful architectural design. As a Principal, he guides education, community and aged care project teams from concept design through to post construction. He is highly engaged with stakeholders and provides a knowledgeable and cooperative contact point for clients throughout all project phases.

With a background in civil engineering, Simon brings foresight to projects, and an aptitude to design for future growth and flexibility rarely seen in traditional architecture. Simon is happy to challenge the status quo when he sees an opportunity to improve the lifestyle of end users and fulfill a client’s vision in an affordable, functional and aesthetically valuable way.


Sydney Studio Leader

Carolyn has recently joined Bickerton Masters to head the Sydney studio, and brings expertise in similar roles across practices of varying scale, including within the developer environment. Her experience and passion lie in being an architect across all areas of project life, drawing all elements of design into being an empathetic design leader: a mentor, a designer, a client advisor, and a problem solver.

A registered architect with a strong history in practice management and studio operations, Carolyn has a particular focus on strategic support to projects. Her experience brings a thorough understanding and expertise in addressing client, contractor and consultant aspirations and design challenges. She is also the Co-Chair of the Practice in Architecture Committee for the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, where she is also a Chapter Councillor.


Principal| Health and Community Sector Lead | Melbourne Studio Lead

Adrian is an Principal and one of the key members leading sector expertise for community and council work. Working extensively alongside local government authorities to deliver new pavilions and community facilities, Adrian brings his keen technical ability and strong understanding of diverse building methodologies to navigate internal and external pressures in delivering a successful outcome.

He excels at managing both external pressures and internal teams in a collegiate way, drawing upon his project experience and delivery to bring a thorough understanding of universal design principles across significant community and education projects.





Arijana's skill set has been honed over fifteen years of project experience across Serbia, Cyprus, New Zealand and Australia. Her domain of expertise is architectural design and documentation that is founded upon a strong understanding of technical knowledge. She has worked on projects of varying sizes and span various sectors including commercial, industrial, education, residential and hospitality.


Associate | Health Sector Lead

Caitlin is an Associate and registered architect, focused on delivering projects within the Health and Aged Care sectors. She has regularly worked with clients across the eastern seaboard of Australia, and plays an important role as the sector lead for Health projects. She also provides advisory services within this sector, including asset reviews for national care providers.

With a strong research background, Caitlin regularly invests this approach when dealing with the details of a project. She was awarded a University Medal for her Architectural Thesis that explored the potential diversification of architectural services into research and policy sectors, and is involved in research in developing design guidelines to support people with autism in emergency departments.


Associate | Aged Care & Seniors Living Sector Lead

Jonathan is one of our Associates and co-leads the Aged Care & Retirement Living sector in our practice. Joining in 2013 as a student, he has played a significant role in developing numerous projects in this sector, with a growing interest in championing good design for people living with dementia.

His strengths in communication and people management make him a valuable asset on any team. Combining these skills with an eye for design and a passion for a story produces well thought out approaches in line with the practice's ethos of 'design through understanding'. He was a finalist in the Philip Y Bisset Scholarship, proposing to look at different applications of culturally and linguistically diverse populations in dementia care facilities across the world.



Jeremy is an ebullient leader in the business, tackling projects with a can-do attitude and consistently demonstrates an empathetic, solutions-oriented approach to project management and leadership.

Jeremy champions the incorporation of technology into project and business processes to enable smarter, more intuitive management, consultation and data monitoring. He has been instrumental in integrating technology that have enabled rapid and flexible communication and management.


Associate | Housing Sector Lead


Associate | Interior Design Sector Lead


Aged Care & Seniors Living Sector Lead


Interiors Sector Lead


Community Sector Lead


Architect | Education Sector Lead




Aged Care & Seniors Living Sector Advisor


Senior Architectural Technician


Senior Architectural Specialist


Senior Architectural Technician




Corporate Services





Paul is a renown for his work in how design can impact and assist people with disabilities. As the founder for Hede Architects in Melbourne and transitioning, he has been involved in overseeing the design of many buildings intended to serve multiple users - from community centres and libraries to sports pavilions.

Paul has considerable skill in listening to clients, incorporating the needs of the clients and users of the buildings and interpreting them in an innovative, exciting building that will serve communities for many years.