Our Story

In 1997, Peter Bickerton and Andrew Masters founded Bickerton Masters (BM_).
They embraced a fresh approach to the provision of architectural services for Aged Care,
Community, Education and Health clients.

At BM_, we prioritise a collaborative design approach. We are informed by client objectives, end-user needs, and value-for-money solutions. Collaboratively, we enable charitable and outward-looking organisations to maximise their social impact through thoughtful, well-resolved and beautiful architecture.

We value relationships.  To understand our clients’ objectives, ethos and concerns, we ensure open communication, trust, and mutual commitment.  It is from this approach that our vision, mission and values stem.

Our Mission

Designing environments that
enrich lives and communities.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Empathy,
Courage, and Innovation

Our Vision

To be a highly successful architectural company that lives
its values and works closely with its clients as a
trusted strategic partner.

Our Design Ethos

Design through understanding is our design credo.

We take a first-principles approach to each project, initially focusing on understanding the needs and motives of clients and users. This understanding – combined with the knowledge, skills and experience of our design team – helps us create environments that enrich the lives of the people who live and work in them.

A few words from the MD...

“We know when a project is successful because clients actually talk about what we’ve achieved together; not what our architect’s done for us.”