Wahroonga Stage 2 Redevelopment
Neringah Ave Sth, Wahroonga.


  • Integrated Health campus featuring:
    • palliative care & rehabilitation
    • dementia care & treatment for mental health
    • community spaces for whole-site use: chapel, cafe, hair salon & barber, pool, gym, shop
    • seniors living apartments




The project is currently undergoing community consultation.

The project is comprised of a single building that will present to Neringah Ave South as two buildings. Each building is no higher than five floors plus basement parking, on the 12,000 square metre site.

A pedestrian through-site link runs between the two buildings will join Archdale Park and Balcombe Park as a link to Wahroonga shopping village. This will be fully accessible to the community.

The seniors living accommodation will be home to residents aged over 75 with chronic health needs. Residents will have access to 24/7 personal and health care, which is provided on a licensed basis.

The Wahroonga Stage 2 proposal to be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment later this year will complete HammondCare’s vision for a campus that will meet the growing needs of an ageing population in Northern Sydney.