Sacre Coeur Glen Iris


St Madeleine Sophie Barat Centre.
Burke Rd, Glen Iris VIC.

(on Boonwurrung and Wurrundjeri peoples’ land)


BM_ and Sacre Coeur commenced with a full site master plan, developing and outlining several stages which will fully expand and upgrade the College.  The Stage 1 project, St Madeleine Sophie Barat Centre, comprises a five-level building connecting the heritage building to the science building in the heart of the school.

Construction Cost

Project Completion


Opened in 2022

This project provides learning spaces that are easily connected for three science labs, creative arts, libraries and Junior science and library. It is inserted in the middle of the school, connecting the heritage building to the west and a new science building to the east. It employs a metal shading screen facing north and horizontal glazing to the south. It brings all subject groups together in a free flowing, interconnected learning environment with an open roof terrace, green roof, and flow through ground level connecting play area. The buildings contain different learning space options encouraging small groups to breakout and provide opportunities for collaboration; with the entire top level providing flexible whole of school options.


Many previously isolated buildings were connected by this project to completely re-imagine the entire student circulation path around the campus. Sacre Coeur has plans for developing the Junior School, however the Sophie Barat Centre has positively influenced the life of the school, making the Junior School more functional and connected to the rest of the campus.
Construction of the building required careful planning to ensure that school activities were not interrupted.