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March 2019

Bickerton Masters is excited to announce that we’re growing our team and capability by merging with Hede Architects in Melbourne, Victoria.

Hede Architects are industry leaders in education architecture with particular expertise in designing for special needs and disability. The practice has developed a reputation for producing buildings focused on the needs of users and has received awards and citations for these.

Accommodation for Women Who Are Homeless, McAuley Community Services for Women

Established in 1982 by Paul Hede, the practice has won a variety of awards including Winner of Best Entire New School CEFPI (LEA) in the Australasian Region in 2011 (Western Autistic School) and 2013 (Northern School for Autism), and was a finalist in the 2018 Melbourne Prize for Accommodation for Women Who Are Homeless, with McAuley Community Services.

In addition to their expertise in the education sector, Hede Architects have a long-standing relationship with many local councils delivering a varied portfolio of community-based developments from life saving clubs to intergenerational community hubs.

Conversion of Year 7 Learning Space, Brentwood Secondary CollegeĀ 

Not only will the specialist expertise of Hede Architects supplement the current offices of BM_ in Brisbane and Sydney, but BM_ will be able to offer outstanding architectural services for Education, Health, Aged Care & Retirement Living, and Community Architecture throughout Victoria.

Hede Architects will continue to work from their current office in South Melbourne.

Northern School for Autism