Redeemer Lutheran College


Innovation Hub
Rochedale, QLD


The Innovation Hub at Redeemer Lutheran College is a flexible space that allows learners to access STEAM facilities in various ways. The building caters for discipline-based learning, but also enables seamless cross-disciplinary projects and learning. This design is in response to the project-based learning focus of new education curricula across Australia. The building contains learning areas for Information Technology, Industrial Technology, Science, Textiles and Fashion, and Visual Art.

Construction Cost

Project Completion


July 2023

The design of the Innovation Hub was guided by the overarching principles of community, flexibility and sustainability. Open areas containing lounges, some kitchen facilities, glass walls and doors, glass display cabinets and a display hanging system facilitates community interaction and showcases the diversity and learning experiences of the students. Openness provides the students with a variety of areas to interact, relax, eat, converse, and feel connected. The flexibility of the Innovation Hub is demonstrated in its blurring of the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. Learning lounges create dual-purpose areas that cater for both learning and recreation, and portable furniture and teacher stations makes spaces very adaptable to any need.

The sustainable design of the Innovation Hub creates an awareness of the elements, so that design features are not only functional, but they also create learning opportunities. The design included natural lighting, passive cooling and heating, solar panels, reuse of water, and the use of recycled materials in construction. A green wall and water feature were also designed to create an oasis, improving air quality and providing a statement piece in the entry of the building.