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In this past year, five of our architectural graduates passed their registration exams. We extend a big congratulations to Philippa Isles, Laura Ellis and Caitlin Masters from the Brisbane studio, and to Edward Rathbone and Amanda Loughman from the Melbourne studio.

Most of them started at Bickerton Masters as an architectural student. In their time here, they have worked on a variety of projects and have learned lessons that influence their studies and their approach to architecture. We are excited to watch them grow in their development and take this next step in their careers.

At Bickerton Masters, our preference is the full provision of architectural services from design and documentation through to contract administration. We believe this benefits the result of the project through a better grasp of future consequences by understanding past decisions. A majority of our projects involve our graduates and students. As a result, they are able to gain an insight into how a project is structured in different facets. Above all, we believe this holistic view is crucial in their development as future architects.

From all of us here at Bickerton Masters, congratulations to all of the recently registered architects across the industry on achieving this significant career milestone.