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In 2017, we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Bickerton Masters with a Vicennial, or V1.
Two years on, we celebrated with a V3. This was the third version of our annual two day confluence of minds.

Over the course of the two days, the collective BM_ group took part in a variety of sessions. Some sessions involved sharing project insights and learning from one another. In one, Paul Hede and Leo Campbell explored Designing for Special Needs from both an Education and an Aged Care perspective.

Other activities included a design activity that reinforced the BM_ design credo of design through understanding. This brought back memories of design critiques and a flurry of markers on yellow trace.

We also heard from a couple of guests speakers from outside the practice. The topics informed us to work and think as designers in different ways. They also prompted us to think about how we learn from those around us in order to grow as leaders and advocates for better outcomes.

The addition of Hede Architects and Campbell Luscombe Architects to the Bickerton Masters Group in 2019 brought about the biggest instalment of the three Vs to date. The V3 was a good opportunity to stop and celebrate the history of the 101 collective years in practice, and re-group for what the future holds for us as a practice.

Special thanks must go to our guest speakers:

Lincoln Hopper, Chief Executive Officer of St. Vincent’s Care Services
Daniel Smith, Managing Director at Leaf Architecture
Lisa Biddiscombe, Director & Senior Interior Designer at The Peppermint Room